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Guest book

  • A great holiday, thank you London Hosts for the accommodation you found me and my wife

    Nora Grandi
  • Loved the place I stayed in and will definitely go again.

  • This is the second time I used London Hosts, thank you again for the great flat

  • Zdravstvuile London Hosts, here is a picture of me in London, really, a Hotel near Heathrow, I know it looks like the Caribbean, but it isn’t. I stayed at one of London Hosts accommodation and it was really nice, Spasibo!!! Oxana.

    Oxana Kalasnikov
  • I went to London through London Hosts and they provided me with great accommodation, I was comfortable and I felt well all the time there. I also decided to take English lessons and my teacher was very kind and I learned allot with the teacher. We had great lessons all the time.

    Petra Goseberg
  • Because the lack of time to do traditional lessons, I was looking for DISTANCE LEARNING and found through London Hosts, Peter. I have never found a so highly professionality and availability in my opinion. The London Hosts school is so well organised and you won’t be tired or bored. if you are looking for an online school, this is the best one. Greetings!!!

    Marco Rossi
  • I think teacher is very kind and has lots of knowledge of how to teach english to foreign students. I really enjoyed every lesson!! He’s also good advisor to me, he always guide me in the right way and of course my english is much better!! It was lucky for me to meet my teacher.

    Yukari Nakamura
  • Hi London Hosts, I’ve been staying at one of their accommodations which was an apartment with two other friends for a week. It was really reasonable but the quality was just the best!!! it has everything in it, clean shower room, small kitchen, TV even garden area etc… I would like to thank Peter.

    Sims Sunghee
    South Korea
  • When i took the decision to leave France, I was only sure of one thing, London would be my new home. Nothing is easier than having great ideas. But where would I live? Without any friends in the uk, I found on the internet LONDON HOSTS and they found me fabulous accommodation.

    Nathalie Chasson